Analytical IP 4 Channel 4K NVR 1HDD 4K HDMI
Analytical IP 4 Channel 4K NVR 1HDD 4K HDMI
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Analytical IP 4 Channel 4K NVR 1HDD 4K HDMI


Key Features:

• 4 Channel NVR supports 8 Channel 8MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/720P

H.265 Compression

HDMI Video Output 3840×2160/1920×1080

1 x audio output

4 x IPC alarm input

Supports one SATA hard drive up to 8TB

Playback: 4 Channel simultaneously playback

Remote control via IE or CMS: preview, playback, backup, PTZ and configuration

Support PTZ preset and auto cruise, up to 255 presets and 8 cruises

Support P2P function,support QR code scanning by mobile phone

Free APP

Dimensions: 300mm Width x 248mm Diameter x 52mm Height



Product Description:


Video Analytics For IP Cameras. The NVR continuously scans the camera image, looks for changes within an area, for something crossing a line or something going inside a selected location. These analytic features are far more accurate than the motion detection method that has been used for years. CLICK HERE FOR ANALYTICS GUIDE


H265 Compression. Uses 40% less hard drive space to store the same number of recordings, therefore storing recordings for longer or reducing hard drive size to save cost. CLICK HERE FOR H.265 GUIDE


Smart Search Playback. Smart Playback is a welcome addition to our CCTV systems; they enable you to pick out individual events on a timeline instead of being forced to view large amounts of footage to find an event. This feature allows you to search through an entire night’s worth of footage in just a few moments by selecting highlighted data on the record data. For example; if an analytic feature has been triggered it will leave a colour coded mark on your recorded timeline, you can skip past all the uneventful footage and get straight to viewing any activities that have been picked up.


Push Notifications. The advanced nature of the analytical alarm detection allows notifications to be sent directly to your mobile device so you know immediately if something has happened. CLICK HERE FOR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS GUIDE


QR Code. For remote viewing via mobiles/tablets, simply scan the QR code into the APP. Connecting your mobile/tablet devices or computers is very simple and no networking knowledge is required to get connected. Quick, Fast & Easy.


Cloud Storage / FTP Server. Cloud storage allows you to save snippets of footage to a cloud server. This is not used for continuous recording but more for short events which have been activated by analytic triggers. FTP servers work in a similar way but saved instead to an FTP server rather than a cloud server.


Supports 4K Full HD. Recording in full ultra-high definition 4K means these images are sharp! The higher the resolution, the higher the chance of identifying people and other important images.


Video Outputs These will allow you to connect to most modern TVs or Computer monitors either at 4K or 1080p via a HDMI and 1080p VGA.


PTZ. Pan, Tilt & Zoom features are able to be controlled by the NVR over the means of the data been sent down the network cable as well as being able to control the cameras by the App and computer software. CLICK HERE FOR PTZ GUIDE


Computer Software. There are 2 options for viewing the XVR on your computer. The CMS software is a very professional software that can be integrated to view multiple cameras from multiple sites and control them.  The software for PCs is NVMS-PC (PC) and for iMacs it is NVMS-iMac (iMac). The second option is the NVMS-IE that can be viewed through the web browser (IE) this will give you a similar display layout equal to the XVR for easy navigation. CLICK HERE FOR COMPUTER SOFTWARE GUIDE


Audio Input / Output. The XVR has 1 audio inputs.  As well as 1 audio output that can be connected to a P.A. system for two-way talk that is operated by the APP. CLICK HERE FOR TWO WAY TALK GUIDE

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