Analytic 8MP IP PoE 2.8-12mm Bullet in White. H.265 Compression

Analytic 8MP IP PoE 2.8-12mm Bullet in White. H.265 Compression

Deep Base Option :

The cameras have the following features:

• Subtle matt white, also available gun metal grey

• Waterproof IP66

• Motorised lens offering around 25-90° angle of view.

• Up to 40m infrared range. Automatically adapts to shorter ranges using Smart IR.

• H.265 video compression Click here

• 8MP (3840 x 2160) High resolution chipset offering four times the clarity of Full HD.

• Smart motion analytics tripwire Click here

• Smart user interface.

• 3 axis rear camera mount for walls or ceilings, includes wall plugs and screws.

1 x PoE RJ45 female socket, 1 x audio 3.5mm stereo jack socket and 1 x 12v DC socket for locally powering.

Size: 218mm x 81mm x 81mm

Camera web browers menu:

• System - Basic Information, Date and Time, Local Config, Storage

• Image - Display Settings, Video/Audio, OSD, Video Mask, ROI Config, Zoom/Focus

• Alarm - Motion Detection, Alarm Server

• Event - Exception, Line Crossing.

• Network - TCP/IP, Port, Server, DDNS, 802.1x, RTSP, UPnP, Email, FTP, HTTPS, QoS

• Security - User, Online User, Block and Allow Lists, Security Management

• Maintenance - Backup and Restore, Reboot, Upgrade, Operation Log

Product Description

Ultra HD: This is our entry level UHD 8MP camera range that is four times the resolution of the Industry standard 2MP. (1080p) Using a 8MP camera will allow you to record footage with better contrast, colour, and night time performance than was previously possible giving you a UHD clear image. The high pixal density allows you to zoom into the image without dramatically reducing the image quality.

Video Compression: H.265 video compression saving you considerable bandwidth and recording space in comparison to the older H.264 video compression. Click here

Smart Settings: The smart settings allow for more accuracy in detecting motion. This is to reduce false alerts that basic motion detection logs with passive movement. The two key smart settings are:

• Tripwire

The tripwire mode allows you to draw a line over a designated area, ideally a footpath, driveway, door entrance or corridor. The tripwire is triggered when a large object passes through your drawn line. The intrusion mode works in a similar way to motion detection where you would draw a zone over an area of interest. Please note, the smart settings in this system are based on pixel change unlike its AI counterpart which uses a more accurate technology.

For more information on Smart Settings Click here

Smart IR – New smart IR that adjusts the intensity of the camera’s IR LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object so that the IR does not overexpose the object (whitening out the image). 40m Range.

Camera LensThe lens is a motorised 2.8-12mm lens that will give you a wide angle shot at 90 degrees and a narrow angle shot of 25 degrees.

Camera Housing – Made from a durable metal housing ideal for internal or external use which is also IP66 rated.

Deep Base Option – An added option available to purchase. A deep base for example; will bring the camera off the wall and hide all the connections behind it, making the finished result neater.

Camera Mounting – Designed to be mounted in every possible position. The 3 axis design will allow you to install the camera on a vertical, horizontal or angled surface.

Reliability – All of our cameras are built to a high quality. We have been working alongside the manufacturer for over ten years who regularly asks for our input and how the products can be improved. This allows us to get the best, refined products.

Set Up – The camera is ready to work out of the box. We have configured the camera to DHCP and changed the factory settings to suit most environments. Feel free to change them to suit your environment


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