Sony Starlight 2MP 3.6mm Fixed Ball Dome 8 Camera System
Sony Starlight 2MP 3.6mm Fixed Ball Dome 8 Camera System
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Sony Starlight Analytic 2MP 3.6mm Fixed Ball Dome 8 Camera System


System Includes


• 1 x Analytic 8 Channel 1080P H.265 DVR with 2TB HDD

• 8 x Sony Starlight 1080P 3.6mm Mini 20m IR Ball Dome

• 8 x 20m Premade RG59 Coax Camera Cable with Power Cores

• 2 x Power Supply



When using this camera system, you have access to the camera analytics. The different features include Object Removal, Abandon Object & Exception Detection (IPC Only) Line Crossing/Tripwire & Intelligent Motion Detection (IPC & Analogue).  To read more information about these features please click here. When using your DVRs with these cameras you have the capability to create a more advanced CCTV setup by using the mentioned features. As you can imagine, there is a massive variety of how you can customise each camera to each property/business.


As well as supporting 2MP HD recording per channel, this DVR also supports audio recording, alarm inputs & outputs, P2P APP feature, two-way talk, control over coax (COC) and many more features. The DVR supports continuous, schedule, alarm triggered and motion detection recording. When your DVR is connected to your network and analytics detection or motion detections settings have been set up, you have the capability to set up your DVR to send you a push notification to the APP or email notification with snapshots attached when movement has been detected.


The Sony Starlight sensor is a backlit chip which has exceptional low light level clarity. This camera would benefit you in areas with little or no natural illumination as the sensor picks up more infrared light than most others, so darker areas in images will appear bright and clearer. You can also set this camera to switch to its colour mode a lot earlier than other cameras, or even set it to permanently stay in colour, meaning this camera is also suitable for areas with plentiful illumination at night. Sony Starlight CCTV cameras can be used in any location, we have cameras that can suit a small room or larger areas that need longer range lenses.


Robust weatherproof construction, suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Fitted with third generation smart IR, small size and crisp night vision images with an infrared range of 20m. Universal ball style for easy mounting. Stunning 2MP images capture all the detail. Fitted with a Fitted 3.6mm lens giving you a wide or narrow angle of view.


The 3.6mm 20m IR Ball Dome camera supports the Sony Starlight  2MP chipset, a well renowned chip. This camera will record at 2MP (1920 x 1080 pixels) high definition resolution! This unit allows recording at H.265 compression which uses 40% less bandwidth than H.264 but does not sacrifice image quality. (Click this link for more info on H.265)


This model Supports its own fully functional APP and web browser interface. You’ll have full control over the camera settings via Internet Explorer or Safari. This camera can record directly to a NVR or to cloud storage (Google,Dropbox) with motion detection email alert.


Easy to install using coax cable it can also be installed with Cat 5, Cat 6 but preferable to be installed with coax due to signal interference and strength. The 2MP camera uses an analogue based signal allowing you to transmit the video signal long ranges, up to a total distance of 300m. Please note, the maximum distance to send 12v power down a length of cable is approximately 100m, read our guide on cable distances for more information (link).  The camera has a cable coming from the rear which has a BNC connector and a 12v DC socket to connect to the cable.

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