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Here we have a selection of IP equipment which goes beyond standard CCTV equipment capabilities. The intelligent analytical abilities of this new range of TYT IP CCTV play a key part in making your business and property more secure. The smart features include Object Detection, Digital Tripwires, Exeptions, Crowd Density and Intrusion Zones and are the next big step in advanced CCTV.

The type of technology used within our TYT IP CCTV allows for the functions mentioned to be processed at the cameras source which gives a faster, more accurate and efficient method of delivering alarm/status data. You can expect to see the clearest images through our TYT high resolution cameras as they use the most advanced image sensors produced today. The TYT IP cameras combined with our TYT NVRs are a big step up from the rest of the CCTV equipment available in the UK and produce incredible images. Select a category below to browse the equipment or Additional information if you would like to know more.

Want to know more about our TYT Ultra HD IP CCTV range or need any advice about CCTV in general then feel free to call:

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Please select category below for individual products

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TYT Analytical IP CCTV

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