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Sony Starvis 1080P CCTV


One of the types of TVI (Transport Video Interface) that we do includes a superior range of Sony Starvis cameras. Sony designed a chipset for CCTV that would increase clarity during night time recording.


As well as truer colours throughout the daytime, when night falls theStarvis cameras are capable of picking up detail in the darkest areas thanks to its back lit chip.


Another main feature of the Starvis is that you can operate the camera in colour during the night, this is something which is avoided with standard CCTV systems. To achieve this you will need local illumination around the area that's being recorded. A result of this method of recording will enable you (in the right conditions) to obtain number plates. Normally when cameras record at night it is the infrared given off from the camera that distrorts and blocks out number plates, if you're recording in colour then the infrared is not enabled.


Please see below our range of Sony Starvis cameras.


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