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 Black Box Ultra HD IP


There's no technological knowledge required to use this type of CCTV.


Black Box IP CCTV is an assortment of high resolution IP (Internet Protocol) equipment. You will acheive a high resolution image by combining the Black Box IP CCTV Cameras and the Black Box IP CCTV NVR's with the easiest of 'Plug & Play' setup. Black Box IP Equipment supports H265 recording compression saving up to 40% hard drive space.


If you're wanting high resolution images but not something as advanced as the IP CCTV then the Black Box IP equipment is more than likely the setup to suit you best.


The Black Box IP systems use all the new key features such as the H.265 compression and simple to set up remote viewing. The equipment is high tech and uses the latest IP networking technology but don't be put off as it is extremely easy to use, it is even easier for you as we configure the equipment here for you anyway. In most cases you'll just need to run the cable and mount the cameras which is just four screws! There is no technical knowledge required to use this type of CCTV.


Want to know more about our Black Box Ultra HD CCTV range or need any advice about CCTV in general then feel free to call:

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