CMS - Camera Management Software


Camera Management software or CMS is a powerful software that you can use to view multiple CCTV cameras or recorders on via a PC, MAC, Laptop. When used to its maximum potential you can have multiple recorders/cameras from around the world or from the same building connected to one computer. For example if you have 10 stores which each have CCTV systems but want to view each system from one PC at the headquarters then the CMS software is what you'll need.




The CMS software is not just a viewing software, the CMS has multiple functions which can be put to good use. You can:


• View playback from any added CCTV system

• Operate Pan, Tilt & Zoom cameras (PTZs)

• Manage alarm functions including manually triggering them

• Create E-Maps - A function in which you can add a map which shows where each camera is physically located

• Customise camera groups for simplicty

• Log Maintenance - See exactly who is adjusting systems

• Customise individual users and select what they can and cannot operate on the software



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