E Series 8MP (4K) AI Video Metadata IR IP 2.8mm Lens Ball Dome Camera in Grey

E Series 8MP (4K) AI Video Metadata IR IP 2.8mm Lens Ball Dome Camera in Grey

Deep Base Option :


The cameras have the following features:

• Subtle gun metal grey colour, also available in matt white.

• Waterproof IP66

• Sony Starlight

• Fixed wide angle lens offering around 90° angle of view.

• Up to 20m infrared range. Automatically adapts to shorter ranges using Smart IR.

• H.265 video compression Click here

• 4MP (2560 x 1440) High resolution chipset offering twice the clarity of Full HD.

• Human detection tripwire / intrusion. Click here

• Facial detection. Click here

• Video Metadata  Click here

Built in omnidirectional microphone.

• Smart user interface.

• 3 axis camera mount for walls or ceilings, includes wall plugs and screws.

• 1 x PoE RJ45 female socket, 1 x audio 3.5mm stereo jack socket and 1 x 12v DC socket for locally powering

Size: 83mm Diameter x 95mm High

Camera web browers menu:

• System - Basic Information, Date and Time, Local Config, Storage

• Image - Display Settings, Video/Audio, OSD, Video Mask, ROI Config

• Alarm - Motion Detection, Alarm Server, Anomaly

• Event - Exception, Line Crossing, Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Target Counting, Intrusion, Face Detection, Video Metadata, Heat Map, Illegal Parking, Loitering, Object Abandoned / Missing.

• Network - TCP/IP, Port, Server, DDNS, 802.1x, RTSP, UPnP, Email, FTP, HTTPS, QoS

• Security - User, Online User, Block and Allow Lists, Security Management

• Maintenance - Backup and Restore, Reboot, Upgrade, Operation Log



Product Description:

Presenting Our Revolutionary Ultra HD 8MP Camera Range – Pioneering Excellence in Surveillance

For those seeking the pinnacle of surveillance solutions, our avant-garde UHD 8MP camera range has arrived to redefine your security paradigm. Outperforming the conventional 2MP cameras with four times the resolution, our 8MP cameras introduce a new era of unrivaled clarity and performance. Here's why our cutting-edge UHD technology deserves your consideration:

Unprecedented Ultra HD Clarity: With our 8MP cameras, you'll capture imagery boasting exceptional contrast, vibrant color palettes, and unmatched nocturnal prowess. Bid farewell to the era of grainy, subpar visuals, as our UHD cameras deliver a pristine image, leaving no detail hidden.

Efficient Video Compression: Our cameras feature state-of-the-art H.265 video compression technology, heralding a substantial reduction in bandwidth consumption and a preservation of precious recording space when compared to the antiquated H.264 compression. This optimization not only transforms your storage dynamics but also ensures seamless video streaming.

State-of-the-Art Video Metadata Technology: Harness the power of Metadata, the backbone of modern surveillance. Our proprietary Metadata technology, fueled by deep learning algorithms, excels at recognizing, tracking, and capturing images of people, vehicles, and non-motorized objects. It selects the most relevant images, extracting up to 62 attributes, such as vehicle color, gender, and hair color, providing valuable business insights. With integrated target direction analysis and data statistics, it's more than just surveillance – it's intelligence.

Intelligent Human & Vehicle Detection: Our equipment integrates visionary software that can impeccably distinguish between human and vehicular entities traversing predefined boundaries or intrusion zones. The power rests in your hands to tailor alerts that align with your precise requisites. For instance, you can establish a line-crossing scenario across a roadway, instructing the camera to disregard human activity and alerting solely when vehicles are identified.

Sophisticated Smart IR Technology: Our cameras showcase intelligent IR technology, adept at fine-tuning the intensity of the camera's infrared LEDs according to an object's proximity. This guarantees the avoidance of IR overexposure, a common ailment that often 'whitens out' images. With a remarkable range of 20 meters, you can entrust your surveillance even in the darkest of nocturnal settings.

Expansive Wide-Angle Lens: The fixed 2.8mm lens ensures an extensive 90-degree field of view, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage without distortion.

Robust Design: Forged from a rugged metal housing, our cameras are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor usage, boasting an IP66 rating for resilient operation in diverse weather conditions.

Elegant Deep Base Option: For the aesthetically inclined, we offer a deep base alternative that conceals all connections discreetly behind the camera, heightening both the aesthetics and security of your setup.

Versatile Mounting: Our cameras are engineered for ultimate adaptability. The 3-axis design empowers you to mount the camera on vertical, horizontal, or inclined surfaces, providing a customizable installation that aligns with your precise demands.

Unshakable Reliability: A decade-long alliance with our manufacturer has honed our products to a remarkable standard of quality and performance, exemplifying our steadfast commitment to excellence.

Effortless Setup: Our cameras arrive pre-configured, equipped to operate straight out of the box. DHCP settings have been optimized for most environments, although customization remains at your disposal for a tailored experience.

Elevate your surveillance system today with our Ultra HD 8MP camera range, and unlock an unprecedented level of security, clarity, and control. Rely on our unwavering dedication to quality and performance as we introduce you to the forefront of video surveillance technology.


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