Pair of TP-Link Wireless Sender & Receiver Range up to 15KM

TP-Links ability to send wireless signal up to 15km. Pre Configured, Ready to install.

TP-Link Options :

The TP-Link wireless senders and receivers are designed to send signals to each other in direct line of sight up to 15km.  When used in CCTV, the TP-links are used to extend the original internet connection meaning that an IP camera or recorder connected to the device up to 15km away will behave as if it is connected on the original network. This is very useful as you could have multiple cameras from multiple buildings all coming back to a central point.

This solution can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to installing a system as it means you don't have to run cables, dig trenches to bury cables into the ground, or make cables run over head from one building to another. Using this equpiment is 10 times MORE reliable than using wireless camera's as they are up to industrial standard.




Before sending the sender and receiver to you, we preconfigure everything so when you recieve the equpiment, they are all ready to install making sure they have a line of sight and connecting power to both of them and they will work with no issues.  For more information on the wireless senders and receivers, please follow this link.

Key Features:

  • Built-in 13dBi 2x2 dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna
  • Adjustable transmission power from 0 to 23dBm/200mw
  • System-level optimizations for more than 15km long range wireless transmission
  • TP-LINK Pharos MAXtream TDMA (Time-Division-Multiple-Access) technology improves product performance in throughput, capacity and latency performance, ideal for PTMP applications
  • Centralized Management System – Pharos Control
  • AP / Client / Bridge / Repeater / AP Router / AP Client Router (WISP) operation modes
  • Passive PoE Adapter supports up to 60 meter (200 feet) Power over Ethernet deployment and allows the device to be reset remotely



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